From 1996-2009 the Givertz and August families came together every year to walk the same route in search of candy. Here's the map.
  1. Seaverns Ave.
    Home base. This is where we lived and because we couldn't leave the neighborhood we had to maximize our candy to street ratio.
  2. Center street businesses
    All the shops and restaurants gave out candy. This was common knowledge so you had to get there early. The fire station always ran out first.
  3. Dempster St.
    The Big Kahuna. Best costumes. Best candy (king-size only). Best decorations.
  4. Georgina's house
    Traditional last stop. Paying respect to the woman who half-raised us.
  5. Galloway House
    An Irish pub that served as our stock exchange. 1. Sort. 2. Rank. 3. Trade. 4. Eat.
  6. Home
    Took our pillow cases and dumped out their contents on our living room floor where it would remain for months to come.