1. Any aisle in Gristedes
    Weep Level: 6. I prefer closer to the produce because then you can pass it off that you're just sad about their organic selection.
  2. Duane Reade in Times Square
    Weep Level: 4. Lots of tourists will ask you "what's wrong?" Say hello to your new therapist/BFF from Nebraska.
  3. 1 Train
    Weep Level: 6. You're gonna take the express when you're crying?! Come on! Amateur move. Sit in the corner where the homeless man probably urinated the night before. Bodily fluids (tears included) don't matter here.
  4. Starbucks on 86th Street
    Weep level: 8.The barista is just there to hold you, no? It's not my fault they insist on playing Nat King Cole's L-O-V-E on a Monday morning. Ugh, big corporations, amirite?
  5. Trader Joe's at 6pm on a Sunday
    Weep level: 2. High time for grocery shopping and gently weeping. Cheese selection provides immense comfort.
  6. Apple Store on 14th Street
    Weep level: 3. Just yell "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE APPLE WATCH IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER?" and no one will ask any questions.
  7. Standing outside your ex's apartment
    Weep level: 10. But do it quick before the cops come.