I might even let them have the last piece of prosciutto
  1. Anthony Bourdain
    This choice is obvious to me because the man knows a meat, is just snarky enough, has traveled everywhere and our convos would be so great he'd (I imagine) invite me to his Hamptons house
  2. Anyone with a Hamptons house
    Sure, I'd share a charcuterie plate with you. At your house... In the Hamptons. full disclosure: I've never been to the Hamptons. Would I hate it?
  3. Diane Keaton
    All you need to know is this. THE BEST: http://bit.ly/1RSeoCz
  4. Oprah
    Duh. Maybe all the meat and cheese would go to her head and she'd even tell me the list of her fave things early.
  5. Ira Glass
    I find his voice soothing and he'd probably let me have the last piece of Gorgonzola
  6. Jake Gyllenhal
    He probably can't eat it because of his workout regime, so more for me. But he'd find the amount of Genoa salami I can eat charming.
  7. This makes sense because we're actually friends.
  8. Danny Meyer
    He probably puts together a killer charcuterie plate and we could talk about new flavors for concretes