1. Disgruntled airline employees
    Everyone relax. There are a snacks and a Starbucks near you at all times. How bad can it really be. Really.
  2. Keith The Security Guard
    Posted at the front of CNBC every morning. And every morning without fail he says "woah, woah, woah...ID please? Who are you here to see?" ...I've worked there for four years.
  3. Aritzia Employees
    Always cooler than me. Always incredibly convincing. One time I bought leg warmers in August because I was told me they looked great on me. Felt very on-trend until I realized they work on commission
  4. Unresponsive landlords
    Kind of have the same vibe as all my ex-boyfriends. You know...the refusing to call back, the not sure if they're alive or dead.
  5. People that don't give away their seat on the subway to children/the elderly/overwhelmed parents
    Always want to play "Get Up, Stand Up" passive aggressively. Never do. But one day....one. day.