You guys, I'm done
  1. Clueless ex-boyfriends
  2. Fan Duel and Draft Kings commercials
    "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!" No. I'm not.
  3. Uber surge pricing
    C ya
  4. My apartment
    The roof leaks!
  5. Catcalling
  6. New emojis
    I don't have enough storage space to download I'm done
  7. Kardashians
    You guys, that's enough.
  8. Instagram fame
  9. Slow walkers
    Don't ruin my stride
  10. People who are gluten free
    73% of you do not have a gluten allergy
  11. Racists
    You gotta go
  12. Ghosting
    Don't be an asshole
  13. Humanity
    What's the point