No seriously.... Where are they
  1. Mase
    Uh does anyone remember how good it felt when "Feel So Good" came on at DA CLUB? Me neither. I was pre-teen when it came out. But I imagine it was a dream. Mase, where are you now?
  2. Dr. Dre*
    For the past ten years I really feel people forgot about Dre (see what I did there). Talk about a guy with a premonition. Hey Dre, where are you now? *This changed only recently when I realized Beats by Dre exist.
  3. Devon Sawa
    ONLY MY ONE TRUE LOVE. I can only assume he's now turned to Casper the Friendly Ghost
  4. Raffi
    I've never looked at a baby beluga the same way. Where did he go? Can I reach him on a banana phone? Is this just what happens when you're Canadian - I think you've disappeared but really you're just living life in the most friendly country in the world? I have so many questions.
  5. Lamb Chop
    Haven't heard from her since '92. Worried.
  6. Literally ALL of Gullah Gullah Island
    Seven strangers, picked to live in a house. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being real. ........wait. This seems wrong.
  7. Arnold of "Hey Arnold"
    Like truly. He's in New York, I'm in New York. Why aren't we hanging?