Movies I Own But Have Never Seen

I love movies and I grew up during the golden age of DVDs, thus I own a number of movies on DVD. Among my collection are a number of movies that I bought, were given, or borrowed forever but just haven't found the time to actually watch.
  1. Appaloosa
    Borrowed forever - Viggo Mortensen has a very off putting goatee going on, combine that with an almost two hour running time...I just can't find the time for this one.
  2. Birds of America
    Given - Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham...yes. Suburban family drama...yes. Rated R...yes. Less than 90 min runtime...yes! All signs point to me loving this movie and yet I've owned it for AT LEAST 5 years with nary a peak.
  3. Cinderella Man
    Bought - Boxing...ehhhh not really my thing, couldn't get through Raging Bull, not interested in Ali, and as you'll see later in the list, even the #1 boxing movie of all time can't grab my interest.
  4. Crazy Heart
    Bought - I know it's going to make me sad...
  5. Fracture
    Borrowed forever - My goal is to see every one of Ryan Gosling's movies but this one looks creepy and anything described as a "thriller" instantly puts me off. I should just do a double feature of this and "All Good Things" one night, just minimize the pain.
  6. Hollywoodland
    Borrowed forever - I love any movie or show business history but the cover of this DVD bores me and the running time (over 2 hrs!) thank you.
  7. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
    Borrowed forever - My brother had two copies...I have no other reason to own this movie.
  8. Mickey Blue Eyes
    Given - Every time I think about throwing this movie away, Hugh Grant's face makes me put it back on the shelf. But then I just watch Two Weeks Notice for the 200th time instead.
  9. Rocky
    Bought - Please refer to my earlier item on boxing movies. I truly want to watch this movie but the idea of sitting through the subsequent sequels fills me with dread (except Creed of course). Embarrassingly, I've seen all three Expendables.
  10. Volver
    Bought - Pedro Almodovar is undeniably a film making genius. I even started watching this movie once! Didn't make it 5 mins.
  11. Where the Wild Things Are
    Bought - Loved the book as a child, but gotta be honest, the movie looks like a slog.