We all know the elderly have anywhere from mild-severe technology illiteracy. On that scale my grandmother is chronic, the iPhone will be her demise.
  1. Emoji Bias
    More like the emoji singular. The purple heart is the only emoji my grandma will use. Screw the other 26 pages, let alone the other colors, she only 💜s purple.
  2. No Calls, Never
    Incoming call from grandma? Never. FaceTime all day every day. She may not even know there is a phone feature. Me and grandma's forehead; one on one.
  3. War and Peace Length Texts
    Jesus gma this is not email
  4. Innocent Inquires
    "Why does my phone buzz with the screen closed?" "Why would I have put Cupertino in my personal clocks?" "How do I turn it off?" "How do I turn it back on?" "Can you hear me?"