Still think these are funny
  1. The Veggie Chopper
    My one friend just is always chopping veggies so I walked by her with HER DustBuster vacuum and sucked them right up. Bye veggies welcome to my black hole. There was 0% chance that I wasn't going to do that.
  2. Slap Shot
    The one time I finished a bottle of champagne in under 10 minutes on my own, I then found myself being guided by out of the party. I had to say bye to my friends (obviously). Little did I know the love I felt for my one friend Allie would manifest into a hard slap in the face. I thought this was socially acceptable. A compliment even! The feeling was not mutual.
  3. Pee Pic
    I took a picture of my friend peeing in the bathroom - which as backstory is totally normal. We do that all the time in our apartment and no one cares. Apparently that night it was no longer funny and as she so eloquently stated "[our] friendship is f***ing over." SIKE she still slept in bed with me and snuggled. I wasn't into it tho.
  4. Bluetooth
    I own a pair of Bluetooth Bose speakers, (not as good as sonos), but anyways I like to shut off the bathroom lights, lock the door, and play music for my roommate while she's showering. The frozen soundtrack didn't result in the action I expected, it was during KHIA the thug misses hit, "My Neck, My Back," that the cursing started.