All you NARP (non-athletic regular people) just wouldn't understand. And even within the realm of athletes, us runners are a whole different breed...
  1. The desire to consume everything in the fridge after Sunday long run
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  2. The love-hate relationship you have with the ice baths
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  3. When you forget to charge your Garmin
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  4. When someone tells you "good job," but you're A.) running awful or, B.) on your cool-down jog
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  5. The overwhelming excitement when the park you run at develops a new trail (especially if it's unpaved and through the woods)
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  6. When you run by a flock of geese and you're trying to be brave, but you are actually terrified
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  7. The pure bliss of a hot shower after a freezing cold run
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  8. When you've nailed a hard run and feel absolutely unstoppable
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  9. The relief you get after popping a big blister
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  10. When you realize how blessed you are that you get to run with friends, frolicking about and exploring the world!
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