I've come to accept the fact that I don't fit the perimeters of a typical 20-year-old female. That's why I'm out to redefine "cool" 😎🤓
  1. My love of crossword puzzles
    I would more accurately describe it as a passion. One of my too wish list items this Christmas is a crossword puzzle in Spanish- so I can practice my vocabulary skills in that language too!
  2. My bedtime
    I'm a college athlete. For me, that means lights out at 10:15 and I'm up by 7:00.
  3. I don't drink
    I'm 20 and have never had alcohol. I also don't go to college parties- largely because of #2 and the fact that I've get to find a party that's over by 9...😂
  4. I love drinking tea
    This could be considered hipster, but I'm not cool enough to know exactly what that word entails, so that's why it's on the list. Basically, I love tea as much as your grandma from England. ☕️
  5. Speaking of grandmas....
    I'm super close with mine. She's the best. I love hanging out with her and I call her once a week while I'm away at school. She's finally got the hang of "the Facebook," so I'm not quite sure she's up for The List App...
  6. I love letter writing!
    My grandma is my only faithful pen pal. I went through about 40 stamps last school year and most of my friends don't write me back. But I still write to them anyway because I feel so great when I get a letter. I want to make others feel that way. ✉️📫
  7. I don't keep up with pop-culture
    If my life depended on it, I wouldn't be able to name all the Kardashians and as I write this list, I can't even think of a popular young musician other than Taylor Swift. And I've never seen The Bachelor, so please stop asking what happened in the last episode. 📺
  8. I don't have a boyfriend
    They seem to be the latest accessory, but alas: I've yet to have a #mcm to parade around.
  9. I don't have a Twitter account
    #140characterlimit? #donttellmewhattodo
  10. I'm not too fashionable
    95% of my wardrobe has been given to me/picked out by my parents or- in two cases- my grandma (see #5). At least they dress me pretty well.💁🏼
  11. I enjoy watching HGTV
    Team Jonathan in the house! As I explained, I don't watch The Bachelor- or ANTM or MTV- but I do love Property Brothers and House Hunters. 🏡
  12. But...I usually spend my free time in the great outdoors
    I just recently discovered that half hour of nightly Netflix doesn't count as a "Netflix binge." Other than that, you'll find me running, hiking, walking or swimming. I love being outside! #neaturewalks
  13. I don't really break rules....
    For me, being rebellious is riding my bike to class- five minutes on sidewalks- without a helmet. More about my goody-goody nature on this list:
  14. I'm the "mom" amongst my friends
    I don't know if I have a friend group. That sounds like something a cool person would have. Last week, I told some teammates that if they needed a ride home from a party they were attending, to please call and I would absolutely pick them up. They subsequently pointed out that I'd be asleep (#2), but I said I'd leave my phone on bc safety is more important than sleep.
  15. I write messages to encourage myself
    I found this app called HiFutureSelf that lets me text myself in the future, so I'm constantly getting messages like: "You're awesome! You can do this" or "Listen to God. He's got you!" I always know exactly what I need to hear. 😎