5 Reasons Why the End of My Week Will Be Better Than the Beginning

I hope this list makes you laugh as much as I have this week. It reminds me how blessed I really am. After all, if these are the things I have to gripe about: I'm extremely fortunate.
  1. 1.
    Saturday: My Verizon phone charger melted through the plastic and is just two months past the one year warranty
  2. 2.
    Sunday: my Garmin watch spazzed on me, deleting all of my run history and converting to German
  3. 3.
    Monday: I got pooped on by a bird
  4. 4.
    Tuesday: No issues on Tuesday. Tuesday was a good day👍🏼
  5. 5.
    Wednesday: Discovered I have an itchy rash for no particular reason. Not cool. 😕