🗺Because study abroad/travel isn't always an option, here are some more economic ideas for learning a language:
  1. Watch T.V in that language📺
    I'm currently hooked on "Gran Hotel," a Spanish mystery drama that's on Netflix!👍🏼
  2. Change your phone to that language📱
    Now, I wouldn't recommend this if you're a beginner- you might be unable to change it back- but if you're more advanced, it's a definite learning tool!
  3. Text friends in that language👭
    If you have a friend who is learning or knows your language of study, utilize them! Try texting each other in that language every once in a while.
  4. Read in that language📚
    I have a Spanish Bible as well as a Spanish crossword puzzle book. If you pick a fiction book though, be sure to find one you know well, and not a completely new book. Knowing the book already will help with the language barrier.
  5. Write in that language
    I just started using a FREE website (www.lang-8.com) that lets you write posts in your language of choice, receive edits from native speakers and edit other people's posts in your native language. It's fantastic!