Inspired by @kylabender.
  1. Caption: I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite.
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    Alternative: This picture makes me laugh. I hope it makes you laugh too.
  2. Caption: Just another girl and her #psl (Pumpkin Spice cLif bar) #sorrystarbuckslovers
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    Alternative: I'm sick of all the pumpkin spice latte news and I felt pretty on this day, so here's a picture.
  3. Caption was a long, sentimental ode to summer and "back to college" message.
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    Alternative: I'm friends with this really cool girl, ______, and LOOK: We hung out today!!!!!!
  4. Caption: Happy National Running Day! #runningbeforeitwascool
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    Alternative: I'm a REAL runner. See: I've been doing it since I was an adorably fast ten year-old! 💁🏼
  5. Caption: I'm thankful for runs with friends and the beauty of a 6 a.m morning.
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    Alternative: I'm so tired. I didn't get enough sleep and I'm grumpy.
  6. Caption: When the road gets tough, you keep on runnin' #stjohn #2Corinthians4
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    Alternative: Please ask if I ran up this giant bill, because I did. Every day. But I don't want to seem to cocky, so I'll hashtag a Bible verse. #blessed #thebest
  7. Caption: Strawberry blondes have the most fun 🍓
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    Alternative: identity crisis. Am I a redhead or a blonde!??! I wonder what Instagram thinks....
  8. Caption: Teaching the next generation how to skip rocks and venture off the trail. #thatnannylife #wildernessgirls
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    Alternative: I lost a sandal trying to take this picture. And the girl behind me: She's complaining about how cold the water is. And the other kid I'm babysitting? Well, he's stuck in a tree.
  9. A lot of my captions are honest and real, but some aren't. Plus: all have a backstory to them. My lack of confidence is clear in a lot of them as well. This is a great, and funny, reminder. 😂
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    The REAL me (No caption needed). 😊