*Awkward wave* 🤗
  1. Professor: I'm glad to see you're still around.
    Friendliness or creepy foreshadowing? 😳😳😳
  2. Friend: You're the most awkward person I know!
    Uggh...eerr.....thanks. 😅
  3. Mom: If I was a girl, growing up when you were, we'd definitely be friends.
    Yeah, but that would be weird because you're my mom. 😂
  4. Classmate: You have such a strong-morale compass for not letting her cheat off of you. I can't believe you!!!!
    First part was kind. But then, he practically yelled the last sentence. I couldn't tell if it was a compliment or a thickly-veiled insult...🤔
  5. Child I babysat: You're the only babysitter who gets in and swims with us.
    I mean...sorry if you thought I was just going to tan. I'll keep playing games in the pool with you, but now I'm self-conscious about the fact that I'm the only 21-year-old playing sharks and minnows.