Getting a college education is tough work, not to mention you have to try and avoid being awkward 24/7.
  1. When you're walking by someone make eye contact too early, forcing your eyes to linger or dart around the "scenery" before coming back to the person.
  2. When you say goodbye to someone and they continue in your direction.
  3. When you're singing to yourself and someone walks past you, and you realize they heard your jam sesh.
    Happened to me this morning. ✋🏼
  4. When you go in for the hug and the go for the handshake, or vice versa.
    Bonus points if this happens multiple times in a row. In that case, I'd recommend the "shake and back pat" that men do frequently.
  5. When you're walking head on and you go left and they go right and you keep bumping into each other.
  6. When you trip and fall flat on your face, or witness someone else doing so.
    If they are ok, I think the proper etiquette is to pretend you didn't see a thing. The same goes for farting. It's a cruel world; we've gotta help each other out.