Psst: Don't tell my parents!
  1. Riding without a helmet
    I do this around my college campus. I still wear my helmet off campus, but I feel rebellious nonetheless
  2. Picking a flower off the fence
    When I was in grade school, my best friend saw a flower on the playground fence she wanted to pick. Being the kind friend I am, I agreed to let her get on my shoulders to pick it. The flower belonged to a neighbor though, and my friend and I got in trouble and had to miss recess because of our "fourth grade felony."
  3. Driving the wrong way in the parking lot
    The sign says "One Way Only" but if I entered from the bottom and the good parking spots are at the top of the lot...
  4. Typing out a curse word when I was thirteen
    I was on AIM and I was mad my cousin signed off on me. So, I typed a curse word and felt my cheeks flush with shame. I immediately deleted it and logged off the computer😁😔
  5. Going 5 MPH over the speed limit
    I confess: The drive home from college is three hours of cornfields. I don't speed, necessarily, I just match the speed of traffic. And I'm too scared to go more than five miles faster than the posting.
  6. False compliments
    I feel awful about this one, but when someone asks if I like their haircut and I don't, I always say "yes." Or I'll evade the situation all together with a vague: "Oh! You got your hair cut!" I am not condoning this at all. Honesty is the best policy. And yet...I haven't quite gotten there in this particular area.