Entertainment Only Christian Kids Would Know...

If Psalty, Wooten and junior the asparagus sound like craziness to you, then you probably didn't grow up in a traditional Christian household. While the rest of the world was talking about some kid named "Harry Potter," we were learning about Jesus in fun-albeit, a bit quirky- ways.
  1. Psalty
    I can't believe I wasn't scared to death by this lyrically-gifted man/Bible. Long live Psalty!
  2. Adventures in Odyssey
    I considered Whit my distant grandfather, who I talked to weekly and could be written to in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Wooten, in my opinion, was the most unappreciated gem of a character.
  3. VeggieTales
    "Oh where is my hairbrush?" Is still my default song whenever I lose something. Thanks for all the memories Bob🍅 and Larry.
  4. Bible man
    Some of my "secular" friends still don't believe me that is Christian kids had our own version of Batman. The power of the Holy Spirit is not to be messed with, guys.
  5. The Donut Man
    I thought this talking donut was freaky then, and I think it's freaky now. Not the best quality entertainment, if you ask me. And why on earth did none of those children eat the delicious donut!?
  6. The Cul-de-sac kids
    These books gave me fantasies of what life would be like if I lived on a cul-de-sac, and solved mysteries. 🔎
  7. Jungle Jam and Friends
    This underrated radio show lives in the shadow of Adventures in Odyssey, but was fantastic in its own right. Marvin the Monkey was basically Wooten in primate form. Side note: I still hope that a spilled glass of water will lead me to Razzleflabben island🌴
  8. That little mouse was pretty courageous if you ask me, but extremely dull as well.
  9. Iddo the Seer
    I couldn't find a picture online or the name of the show, so I'm curious if anyone else remembers. Basically, it was a fake news show for kids that covered events happening in the Bible. Iddo the seer was my favorite segment, because he always talked to famous people like Moses or Lot.
  10. McGee and Me
    My favorite episode was the tornado episode. Even as a small child, I knew they were doing just about everything wrong. How about let's not sit in the middle of the living room with all the glass windows. Seriously, though. I loved McGee and Me. 😊👍🏻
    Suggested by   @rulesofjinx