I'm looking at you 👆🏼 (awkwardly, of course).
  1. You wave at someone who was actually waving at the person behind you.
  2. You say goodbye to someone and then you both walk in the same direction.
  3. You inadvertently play left-right-left in a wide corridor with another awkward person.
  4. You didn't hear what someone said, so you chuckle in response
    ...And their horrified look tells you that was not the right thing to do.
  5. You don't realize how loud you are talking until someone:
    A.) Tells you to lower your voice, or B.) They walk away
  6. You walk into the opposite gender bathroom...😳 And you sheepishly emerge, so incapable of hiding your embarrassment, that everyone knows immediately.
  7. You put your arms around someone before quickly realizing they wanted to shake hands, not bear-hug.
    Or vice versa.
  8. You go to cross the street and see a car coming so you awkwardly speed shuffle and then once you finish crossing, you realize they weren't even close 😁
    Suggested by @jennamarie
  9. (If you drive a manual car) When your go to drive after being at a stop light and stall your car and have to restart it while everyone behind you is throwing you this face
    Suggested by @bwyatt