As a college junior, single and running DI cross country/track, the questions start rolling as soon as I sit down.... Thankfully, this year is a small family gathering, hopefully minimizing some of these:
  1. "My how you've grown up!"
    I've never understood the proper response to such a comment, but I nod and say: "yes" awkwardly.
  2. "How's school?"
    Crazy. Hectic. Fun. But I can't explain all that in a cordial exchange, so "good" will suffice.
  3. "What's your major?"
    Strategic communications.
  4. "Cool! Uh....What is that?"
    99% of the time, people haven't heard of Strat comm., so I must then explain what it is.
  5. "You're at ________ right?"
    Ohio State, Miami, Ball State (fill in the blank). To which I answer: "no, I go to Butler!" This is always followed up with a question about where Butler is. "Indianapolis," I say with an all-too-sarcastic smile😂😑
  6. "How are you?"
    Boy do I hate this question! No one ever expects you to be truthful, and they would be shocked if I actually opened up about my struggles and successes this semester. Good thing my close family members already know this stuff.
  7. "Any interesting boys...?"
    Yes. There's a kid in my Spanish class who is constantly chancing Facebook in class and used to play rugby. Although, that's probably not the "interesting" they were looking for. 😐🤓