I Am a Foreigner Inside Starbucks

I don't HATE Starbucks, per say, but I've never had coffee and I don't really crave overpriced beverages. I also work at Teavana so I never get tea from Starbucks. But I was freezing today so I ventured in and ordered:
  1. Me: Can I have a hot tea please?
  2. Barista: Yes, what size?
  3. Me: Um...I guess the medium size.
  4. Barista: You mean a "grande?"
  5. Me: Uh, yea...I'll have that.
  6. Barista: Which flavor?
  7. Me: Hmmm...Do you have the Passionfruit one?
  8. Barista: (to another barista) hot grande passion tango!
  9. Me: (They all know I don't belong here)😁