1. You started a new show on Netflix
    Netflix preys on exhausted, cookie-fueled brains. That, my friend, is you.
  2. Some portion of a final project gets deleted
  3. Beautiful weather is taunting you
    Do you really have to type that paper today, or can it wait until it's not as gorgeous outside...?
  4. You're wearing your pajamas 24/7
    It's what's inside that matters. (Hopefully that includes three centuries of Spanish history.)
  5. Free junk food
    Apparently, filling your body with cookies and tacos is a tried and tested method. Why else would colleges give us so much crappy food!?
  6. You downloaded a new game on your phone
    Freshmen year exam period was when I downloaded Sims Freeplay. Suddenly, I was not only managing my own sleep and study schedule, but also the lives of twelve virtual humans. What the heck was I thinking!?
  7. The word "stress" weasels its way into every other sentence
    It's a noun, adjective,and verb- and it's haunting you.
  8. Stress/caffeine headaches
    Expectant mothers feel little baby kicks that remind them a child is coming. College students have stress headaches to to remind them that the pain of exams looms ever near.