In my twenty years of life, I've amassed a small collection of good ideas. NOTE: None of these come from my fifteen years of formal education. 👍🏼
  1. Ladies: Don't shave in the winter.
    Why would you unnecessarily get rid of a crucial layer of warmth?!
  2. Always keep an old pair of running shoes in your car.
    You'll never know when you will spontaneously decide to go for a hike or walk. To all the babysitters out there: I also recommend keeping a pail of chalk in your car at all times.
  3. Identify phone contacts with an emoji or a note by their name
    Unless it's grandma, it helps to know if "Sarah" is the girl you met at summer camp or your boss from work. Same name, but completely different reaction when you send a picture of summer 2010.
  4. Inspire or remind yourself by sending messages to your future self. 💌
    HiFutureSelf works with iPhones, but Google Email also has a way to send messages to yourself in the future. Tell yourself happy birthday, remind yourself to persevere! I've found that I know just what I need to here most of the time. 😂
  5. When traveling by plane, put an empty water bottle in your carry-on. ✈️
    You can fill it up once you're past security, and you'll avoid paying $3 for a bottle of water!
  6. Use to plan your snoozing so it coordinates with your sleep cycles.
    It takes very little effort and will make a HUGE difference. 😴
  7. Re-steep your tea leaves
    Especially in the case of white teas, the flavor is going to remain pretty strong. Go ahead and save yourself some money and reuse those delicious leaves. 👍🏼
  8. Encourage someone else
    When you're feeling super bummed and isolated, reach out to someone else. Without even talking about your struggles, your mood will lift and you will feel connected. And if your friend responds by asking how you are, well, that's icing on the cake. 🍰