Loneliness on a Monday

  1. I didn't realize I felt so lonely
  2. Until I got an email from my dad- about tuition nonetheless- and nearly teared up. 😢
  3. How is it that I'm a junior in college and still get so homesick after breaks?
  4. Spring break was so nice and I'm glad to be back but I hate transitions
  5. I hate getting swamped with schoolwork and feeling alone even when I have friends. And I'm constantly battling the lies in my head that say I should follow the rules of anorexia, even though I've said "good riddance" to it.
  6. But it's Monday and it's warm out. And Tuesday will come, and I'll get to see my best friend tomorrow evening.
  7. And I'll keep praying and receiving God's comfort.
  8. Plus: Monday is typically the worst day of the week, so it can only get better from here. 😊