My Day: In Ostrich Pictures

Why not?
  1. 6:30= time to get up
  2. Went to run on the alter-g treadmill
    It allows you to run on a percentage of your body weight, so I was running 6min miles at 75% b.w and it was an "easy" run. So cool!
  3. Stopped at the grocery on the drive home. It wasn't crowded at all since it was 9am!
  4. Breakfast!
  5. Went to the training room for rehab on my stress fracture.
    Gotta strengthen those quads, hips and hammies.
  6. Cross training
    Legs felt great and I was feeling confident in my training. 👍🏼
  7. My meeting at noon was cancelled!
  8. Lunch with a friend
    She came over and we watched the old "Get Smart" TV show while eating.
  9. Had to start writing a Spanish paper
    No. Not wanting to do this.
  10. Now, I'm procrastinating by writing a list about ostriches instead of doing homework.