My Thoughts: As a 21-year-old Who's Never Dated

Yup. It's true.
  1. In grade school, I was the sporty girl who all the boys had a crush on. I didn't pay attention to that at all.
  2. But then I had anorexia, and I was the girl everyone avoided.
  3. Sometimes I wonder how life would be different if I'd experienced high school.
  4. Sometimes, I'm really happy for my friends getting married but feel myself longing for a godly man to call my husband.
  5. I am independent, but I recognize that desire for a spouse, to share my life with and who will spur me on in my faith.
  6. But I'm 21, and although that feels really old, everyone says it's not.
  7. So I'll keep writing letters to my future husband
  8. I'll need praying for him
  9. And I'll enjoy the life I have right now, single and confident in ME.