1. Broken a bone
    I'll skip the "never have I ever been on a cruise," and go straight for this cliché answer👍🏼
  2. Had a boyfriend
  3. Eaten bbq ribs
  4. Said a curse word
    Disclaimer: I have, however, typed out a bad word as a hormonal thirteen year old on AIM😂
  5. Had a Twitter
    Though I occasionally look people up on Twitter to creep on them😎
  6. Seen "The Notebook"
    I don't watch movies very much in general
  7. Liked mashed potatos
    I'm pretty sure I came out of the womb with an extreme disdain for that stuff, which is particularly alienating when you're from the Midwest.
  8. Had alcohol
  9. Grown my hair out past my collarbone
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    Right now is the longest I've ever let my hair grow. It's a new season of life, so I'm summoning my inner Rapunzel and growing out these golden locks.
  10. Understood the fascination for Candy Crush
    Nope. Bejeweled Blitz, all the way✌🏼
  11. Enjoyed sun tanning at the beach or pool
    Here's a concept: Let's get off our bums and enjoy the water. Also, I am a firm believer that you are never too old to build a sandcastle😊😀
  12. Been able to voluntarily burp
    I really tried, guys. I have two brothers and they attempted to teach me the art of burping, but when I try to do it: I look and sound like I'm constipated- grunting like a goofball.
  13. Believed that you should "follow your heart"
    I don't know about you, but my heart is a bit unsteady at times. It's full of sin. Sometimes, my heart really wants to give up and sometimes it really wants to slap someone. Do I do those things? No. I go pray and bury my face in my stuffed bunny named Schwartz. Your heart is important, but always test it against your convictions and values.