It's a middle child thing. You wouldn't understand😂😎
  1. Hand-me-down school supplies
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    My mom had me cover up my older brother's name on these scissors so I could reuse them for elementary school. Ironically: I found these in his bathroom today, so apparently they are still his. 😐🙄
  2. Having a parent forget the date of your birth.
    I was born 1/29 and my older brother is 1/24. So when I played club soccer, my player card had three different birthdays scratched out because my mom had forgotten which one was mine and which was the correct year. 😂😞
  3. Not getting ________ (bday, Christmas, graduation) gifts from relatives when your older sibling does.
    The oldest child always gets a boatload of savings bonds and gifts. So not fair!
  4. Talking to yourself
    You don't truly know the joy of your own company, unless you're a middle child. I used to have an imaginary friend named Hannah who was in the mirror and would play with me when mom was busy with my brothers😂
  5. Being called the wrong name
    My mom calls me Kathleen and Lily most frequently. One being her sister and the other, our dog.