Because, not to be dramatic, but 90% of the world got engaged this past week...😂
  1. I can spend more money on my family because I don't need to buy a gift for a boyfriend.🎁
  2. Don't need to worry about how stinky or fresh my breath is at 11:59 on December 31st. 👍🏼
  3. I can wear pajamas if I want. I don't need to "coordinate" my holiday outfits with anyone. 💁🏼
  4. More Christmas cookies for me. 😋
  5. Me parents are constantly trying to reaffirm my self-esteem by telling me how pretty I am and how crazy it is that I'm 20 and single...
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    Gorgeous, I know. 😂
  6. Lastly: I can enjoy Christmas for what it is (the birth of our Savior) in faith that HE is all I need, but that He knows exactly who I will marry someday and is preparing me for marriage if that is indeed His will!
  7. So: whether your single, mingling or married, enjoy the New Year's festivities and celebrate proudly regardless of who is by/not by your side. Because the Lord is always by your side. 🙌🏽