Potential to Ruin Your Own Life

Does anyone else have this....?
  1. So, do you ever have those moments...
  2. When you're in a quiet place
    Church, class, a meeting
  3. And you realize you could stand up and scream "poop!" or "I have pants on!"😬😱
  4. And you realize you could ruin your entire reputation...?
  5. You could really truly ruin everything everyone thinks about you.
  6. Or maybe you're walking by a lake
  7. And you realize that at any moment,
  8. Your hand could decide to throw your phone into the water, or you could decide to throw yourself in.....
  9. And you could make your life extremely miserable.
  10. Does anyone else ever think these things, and subsequently worry you will suddenly do them ?🤔
  11. Oh just me? Carry on then. 😙😐