There's really only 3 reasons, because I hate being late and if I really don't want to be somewhere: I won't go. 😂
  1. I was making tea ☕️
    Class can wait. Tea is essential. ☕️
  2. I mixed up the time 🕐
    I'm not proud of my weakness in math. In fact, it's often the reason I'm late for things: I can't figure out travel time in accordance with when I should be somewhere. I HATE being late, but if I am, this is often the reason.
  3. I don't want to be here. 😞
    I'm an introvert....too much "people time" is exhausting. So, when I'm done for the day but still need to be somewhere, I might be a bit late or leave a bit early. It's how I stay sane.