My older brother is so incredibly awesome.
  1. Remember when I got my first period and accidentally clogged the toilet?
    Thanks for fixing it without mentioning a thing.
  2. Remember when you came to watch me during my first college track meet?
    You drove three hours to surprise me, and I'll never forget that. ❤️
  3. Remember when mom and dad divorced?
    You hugged me and let me sit in your room while they were at court and my world was falling apart.
  4. Remember when we got lost while hiking?
    And we rationed the water, but you didn't take any of it. You let mom, Matt and I drink it. I think that's when I first viewed you as a man and not just my brother.
  5. Remember when we tried to clean the Keurig with vinegar and screwed it up?
    Thanks for sticking by my side when we had to fess up. 😂
  6. Remember when I was going thru treatment got anorexia last year, and you ate lunch with me every day?
    Thank you x 1million.
  7. Remember when a dog tried to attack me when we were on a walk?
    You shielded me. And every time we go by that house, you still make me walk on the other side of you. I love you for that.
  8. Remember how you fought for me?
    I never knew it, but you wrote letters to my doctors last year, begging them to step in and get me help for my eating disorder. No one asked you to do that, but you did because you love me.
  9. Remember this note? I look at it every morning and it makes me feel so very loved. ❤️
  10. Thank you.
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. You make me smile. 😊