Things that remind my of my childhood

00's kids, where you at!?
  1. Jelly shoes
  2. Water yo-yos
    I knew someone who hit himself in the eye so hard with one, he had to wear goggles when playing sports from then on. Dangerous little things!
  3. Baby Bottle Pops
    The company that somehow made it cool to suck on a baby bottle as a preteen. Kudos to those PR guys. 👍🏼
  4. Sock 'Ems
    I wanted these SO bad
  5. Osmosis Jones
    My brothers and I were obsessed with this movie. I knew exactly were it was at Blockbuster.
  6. Nancy Drew
    I aspire to be Nancy.
  7. Crazy Bones
    These were the best!
  8. The Flying Turtle
    Legendary. This thing launched my little brother over a hose and sent him straight to the hospital for stitches. But we just loved it! FYI: The REAL way to ride it is with your knee on the seat and your other leg pushing you forward- hence the stitches incident.