1. Technology updates
    Someone tell me why it is 2015, but my phone update takes over an hour🙄
  2. Clothing technology
    Can't I just have a coat this will keep me warm in -30 degree weather!? We are splicing genes and sending people to space, but we can't create a material that insulates me enough to walk outside in the winter...😩
  3. Dishwashers
    My dishwasher is really a "sanitizer" in disguise, and even THAT is questionable.
  4. Construction
    Ty Pennington and his crew could build a house in seven days, why can't my university complete a construction project in less than two years...? 😑
  5. Libraries
    Let's utilize technology and put trackers in the books so we can find where they are without that annoying Dewey Decimal system. Just a thought....