We love our independence and the shorter school days, but let's face it: There are some thing about grade school that really need implemented at the collegiate level
  1. Substitute teachers
    Even the most studious among us still remembers the joy of having a substitute teacher for the day. It added variety and sometimes we got to hear bizarre stories and see magic tricks. Why can't we have guest professors every once in a while!?
  2. Heads Up 7 Up
    This game was so much fun, yet I can never find an appropriate context to play it nowadays. Can we just play it the first 5 minutes of class please?
  3. Review Games
    Basketball, Jeopardy and quiz games. It was the best part about having an upcoming test. And the winning team usually got candy or bonus points. "Hey prof, can we do review Jeopardy...?"
  4. Drop Everything and Read Day
    In college, a reading day is like an empty promise. It seems great until you realize you spent the entire day sleeping and procrastinating rather than catching up on work. In elementary school, reading day meant random announcements on the intercom that prompted teachers to stop class and let students read for 20min.
  5. Craft time
    No matter how Ill-prepared I was for Mother's Day or Father's Day, my elementary school teachers never failed to give us a writing activity or craft that we could give mom or dad. I think that would be an excellent idea in college because money is scarce and so is time😂 Oh and they could also pay for the postage to mail the gift home. Yes. That'd be nice.
  6. Class parties
    Here's some sad news: After elementary school, there are no more Christmas parties. No more Valentine's Day parties or Thanksgiving feasts. Your teachers won't hold an end of the year picnic and you won't get copious amounts of ice cream. And something, my friends, is seriously wrong with that.