I'm 21, and gage always been a daddy's girl. Even though my dad is analytical and very left-brained, there are so many ways he shows me he loves me:
  1. He paid for my eating disorder treatment with not a word of complaint, even when he had to cut back in order to afford it and my stepmom had to take a second job. They never told me any of that.
  2. When I'm home in the winter, he always scrapes my car off before he leaves for work.
  3. He always brings me in-flight magazines from his business trips, b/c he knows I love reading the Spanish sections and doing the crossword puzzles.
  4. Because of my past with anorexia, my dad always makes sure that finances never prevent me from having all I need to eat. He gives me a generous grocery budget and tells me I have to pick out one fun item a week.
  5. He calls me on his drive home from work almost every weekday.
  6. He loves to tell people where I go to school and is so proud to wear his Butler shirt.
  7. One time, when I locked the keys in the car. He came and took care of it so I could go run with the friend I was meeting.
    It was my first time running with her and he saved me from looking like an idiot.
  8. He plays ping-pong with me.
    And he doesn't let me win. 🙄
  9. He teaches me more about God by always being willing to talk and discuss theological questions I have.
  10. He always helps me load my car up when I'm headed back to school.
    And then he prays with me for a safe drive. ❤️
  11. In the past few years, he has significantly grown in his listening skills and compassion, b/c that was something I needed.
  12. He lets me take his picture next to every goofy hat we see.
  13. We have a secret handshake. 😎😏
  14. Even when doctors and therapists and my own mother, thought I would never be healthy and run again: He never gave up on me. He encouraged me to never give up and instilled a work ethic of determination in me.