I joined a soccer league for undergrad engineers doing research at purdue this summer. This is what I got... (Surf = summer undergrad research fellowship)
  1. Why the fuck am I playing soccer?
  2. Why are contact co-ed sports allowed?
  3. Did I just get side tackled?
    No holly, you didn't. You don't even know what that means.
  4. None of these boys are even cute
    Okay maybe a few strong 7s if we are putting our engineering goggles on
  5. Thank god I'm bad enough to barely get any playing time
  6. This is the worst 50 minutes of my week
    We play 25 minute halves, idk is that something they do in real soccer
  7. Guys why did you make me team captain?
    Oh, you guys were trying to be ironic
  8. When are we going go start drinking after this?
    We have 1 game every Tuesday, then we drink tequila because bored nerds love alliteration
  9. Am I getting sunburned? I need shade, water, and my dignity back.
    I need to stop complaining but seriously it's a war zone out there on the field