Things to do when you're bored af in your least favorite class

Gracias por nada, "espana diversa"
  1. Study for your test in international management
  2. Realize you only care a teensy tinsy bit more about intl mgmt than the class you're in
    Both of which figures total less than 0
  3. Stop studying for international management
  4. Check your email
  5. It's 6am at home, you don't have any emails
  6. Check your facebook
  7. It's 6:05 at home, there's nothing new on Facebook
  8. Check snapchat
  9. Now it is 6:08 at home. You don't have any snapchats
  10. Put up a mystory that no one will care about
  11. Delete said mystory because you realize you're wasting everyone's time and no one cares
  12. Check list!
  13. Read an excellent list that has you chuckling audibly to yourself while STUDENTS ARE TRYING TO PRESENT
  14. Stop reading list because people are glaring
  15. Compose yourself
  16. Go back to reading that list
    Because damn it was good!
  17. Read two more bullet points, note that happy tears have returned
  18. Put phone down. STOP READING LIST.
  19. go back to reading same list
    It's long, and so funny. Have to know what happens next
  20. People are staring.....put down phone, stop reading list
  21. Pick phone back up. read the skimm.
  22. Laugh aloud again because skimm is also funny and you apparently have the filter and self awareness of a four year old
  23. Fuck everything, finish reading that damn list
    It was everything I dreamed
  24. snapchat!
    Put up another stupid mystory you will most likely take down later
  25. Send some more stupid snapchats
    unfortunately you cannot unsend later
  26. Try to study international management
  27. Thing about how pointless your life and time apparently are
  28. make a list about it.