Measures of My Cowardice

In which I expand on the life list of my many faults by focusing on my lack of courage. (My profile in courage would be a straight line; no curves or weird spiky bits.)
  1. This Is Not Normal
    When John Oliver signed off in November and urged us all to support a list of organizations that were ready to do the heavy lifting needed to hold the President accountable I was there. I was totally ready to put my meager skills to use and raise money for them, but then I lost my job and was afraid of being a "difficult hire."
  2. The Write Stuff
    For forty years I have been defining myself as a writer and yet continue to go out of my way to avoid being judged worthy of such a mantle. I write a novel-length story, a play and outlines for movies and TV and they are still in cryogenic slumber. I fear rejection and the loss of identity that could come from a "meh" or a "so what?" Nothing risked, nothing lost.
  3. And the Winner Is....
    In undergraduate school we worked on a show about First Nations peoples and so I did a lot of reading on cultural anthropology. One point that stuck was about a lack of competition among members of the same tribe. Not sure if my recollection is accurate but I know I stopped trying to "win" at about that time and now am consumed by the idea of being a "loser."