1. One More Thing
    Because "I never want to walk on the moon" contains some of the most gorgeous prose I've ever read. It's the reason I love @bjnovak
  2. Tiny Beautiful Things
    Because Cheryl Strayed writes like a motherfucker but gives advice like a goddess.
  3. The Family Fang
    Mostly just for the scene where they parody lines from Meet me in St. Louis. Might just be the funniest two pages in the history of literature.
  4. Gardens of the Moon
    Because I couldn't get through it the first time round, but I'm committed to reading this entire damn book series. All because I love Mr. D.
  5. Catch 22
    I catch new things each time I read it.
  6. Song of Ice and Fire series
    Storm of Swords obviously being the best
  7. Bridge to Terabithia
    The first book I remember re-reading as a child. (The Outsiders was the second)