My brother-in-law's friend stops by every now and then to pick up an eighth. He's a killer guitarist and offered to teach our girls. They weren't interested, but I was all over that shit. So for the past two weeks, Mr. D and I have been smoking bowls in the evening and practicing chords. These are my favorite (so far).
  1. A minor
    So much dramatic tension in this note. Reminds me of a sad Spanish guitar. As soon as I strum it, I like to start singing like a one-man mariachi band, blurting out every Spanish word I know in a brooding, mournful way.
  2. D major
    Sounds loud and cool and powerful. It makes me deliriously happy. Also gets me pretty hot and bothered. (I'll be writing about it for the next Philly literary erotica salon).
  3. G major
    Because it's easy. And sounds lovely!