Smoked a bowl and live "status updated" on Facebook...
  1. You're going to knock the hell out of ISIS?? Well go ahead and grab them by the pussies, Donald!
  2. "We are great because we are good."
    Liked that.
  3. "Locker room talk." At least he's staying on message.
  4. He's appealing to his masses right now. A Trump regime may be upon us. I'm scared. #moreterrifyingthanclowns
  5. The liberal media is the real loser of the night. I'm still with her. But ugh.
  6. Why don't they ever ask about the South China Sea?
    Enrique got me obsessed.
  7. The First Amendment—freedom of speech, press, religion—is under assault by people like Trump.
  8. Static