They may not be five star ......but they are 5 star to me (actually most rate 4.5 on Yelp )
  1. Joyce's
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    Norhoff and Reseda - This place Is awesome . It's the tiniest little place . But don't be fooled by The size. This place is always full of people . Not only do all the locals come here because the food is great. They also come here because the prices are unbelievable. Best home cooked "like mom used to make "type food in the area !!! I get "Rudy's special "
  2. Nat's early bite
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    This place has the bomb breakfast burrito !!! Thier service is great and thier potatoes are super good . I go here for quick bite before I hit the studio in Van Nuys
  3. Heavenly pancakes
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    In Sylmar - this place just by the sound of the name tells you their pancakes are stuuuuupid good!!! Their waffles are really good too crispy On the outside soft on the inside. Soo good ! Great job sylmar
  4. More than waffles
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    In Encino- Just look at those waffles...This place has literally everything waffles and some more ...waffle sandwiches, waffles with a burger on it . It's like the bubba gump of waffles . So bomb . Lots of sugar though . So if you wake up with a sweet tooth (or just stoned ) This is your spot.
  5. Joes cafe
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    Granada hills -This place Joes. Is hands down my favorite. The waffles and the pancakes are huge! The omelettes are amazing. Fresh squeezed orange juice always. The fresh cut fruit really really good. All kinds of Toasts and just about every other little fixing you might need for breakfast. It's a little more pricey than other places but extremely worthwhile. Plus most stuff is organic and all that good stuff This is my favorite spot right now....I'm gonna go there now actually 😛