This is 100% true .....perfect for you out there trying to spook your self this HALOWEEN 👻🎃⚰🕷🕸 you got anything similar ?
  1. The house- So I grew up in the sanfernando valley.... used to be orange groves where the house was built and before that ....only God knows .it was a prototype track home from the fifties......the whole neighborhood had an tim burton feel to it In fact
  2. The first sighting- My Step sister was in a deep sleep one night and awoke from a a cold sweat she looked over at the door way only to find a person standing in the door ...she quickly disappeared below the blankets hoping her mind was playing tricks on her she thought.
  3. After a few seconds - She would have a look but as her eyes came over the edge of the blanket She near lost her mind to find that that person was no person at all. But a black floating spirit with deep red eyes like they were dipped in Cochineal dye and so red the could be clearly seen in the dark
  4. She nearly died- at least she thought she might as she screamed MOOOOMMMM!!! The apparition vanished when the lights were turned on by her dad (my stepfather ) and nothing seemed to had been there at all.
  5. The second sighting- Years later my mom came home late .she walked through the hall and into the living room where we had French doors that led to at the time was our room and when a light was on in the room you could see shadows in the Windows because we had a sheet hanging to cover them
  6. She saw a girl-. Playing in the room. And a shadow of her playing in the room thinking it was my littlest sister she quickly open the door playfully ....and to her surprise.. My sister and her school friend were both in there but each dead asleep in bed
  7. The third sighting My little sis and I were in the living room this time Playing with an old fold out couch bed we used to have in there...when she screamed and pointed to the corner. Surprised I saw the rocking chair in the corner rocking it's self and a shadow of a person rocking it ...we ran
  8. Fourth encounter Years later my older step brother and his at the time wife were playing with a quija board. (Never do this) a demon started to communicate them and told them that ghost we saw was under his control and that he was torturing her. The girl then began to talk with them and told them
  9. She could see through the dogs eyes. if that's not creepy enough We could recall seeing the dog in weird places staring at nothing for long amounts of time.They were so freaked out they just wanted to stop. the demon said once invited he didn't have to leave. But if they asked he would allow it 1 Time and to "never play again"
  10. The last sighting Some years had past and my brother moved ironically across the street from my new apartment in Van Nuys. My brothers apartment always had a creepy feel to it . And one day weird things started happening like mugs sliding off the counter or doors slamming stuff like that
  11. one day After consideration my brother decided to call a paranormal investigative team. They came. and after recording the room for hours and doing all kinds of tests they were wrapping up. The team was smoking outside.when my brother yelled from inside ...get in here now!!!!
  12. Inside my brother felt a cold chill. hit the room. a fog had appeared in the hall like a smoke machine was in the hall . He was scared. Then a huge black shadow figure appeared and stretched up to the ceiling I was a smokey looking blackness that scared him to the fiber not sure what to do he clenched his sweaty fist and shouted "get in here now "
  13. The whole team came in and they all saw the blackness floating they all turned ran out of the apartment along with my brother ...later on they had found strange voices on the recordings they took . One voice said "get out" in a staticky crazy voice. After this my brother soon moved to Oregon.
  14. Since then. No one has seen any other ghosts at the house or my brothers old place. It's so crazy what may actually be lurking in the dark ......HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃