Things good, things bad, things to be said, times to be had .
  1. Everyone seems to have a "stock" greeting for thier introduction. the most PC one being "hello how are you ? Happy holidays?" It's cute until the very next person you meet right next to me, where you say the same thing and then the same to the next like we're not all standing there ....???
    Not to mention terrible wardrobe
  2. Everyone brings sides
    Where is the ham people !!!!???
  3. You get wayyyy too much sugary temptations
    Diabetes 2 anyone ?
  4. You get to see everyone's strange holiday fetishes........... Why?
    How many obscure objects can one own ?
  5. Your ginger bread castle always somehow comes out creepy
    Or maybe that's just me
  6. There's way too much food left over . And people . Lol
    And never the good food
  7. At least You get presents
  8. Happy holidays and seasons greetings
    That's what I should say right?
  9. Please feel free to post your favorite strange holiday picture below .
    Let's see what's goins on?!?