For some reason listapp just makes me feel free to be honest ..... (Ok Just like pulling off a bandaid)
  1. I hate it when people look at you expecting a tip when you've ordered take out (Im like no homie...what have you done for me lately ?)
  2. When people cut me off in traffic I don't yell or anything like That because I know they can't hear me and don't care ....I just pay it forward and be sure to cut off other people .(This is LOSANGELES CAR-ma )
  3. Sometimes all I really want is a triple quarter pounder with cheese stuffed with fries dipped in sweet and sour sauce .....but Then I get a grip on myself and just drink water instead ........... (it's really good water though )
  4. I used to give every bum I saw money. Which eventually became costly. I guess I felt bad that they chose to quit life. Then came a time I wanted to just quit life but couldn't . So now I don't really feel bad and hardly ever believe any story some random person throws at me....sorry I'm not sorry
  5. When I was a child I was so afraid of the dark that I had to run through every room that didn't have lights on because something in there might get me (I know some of you did the same ) also I would leave my bedroom door cracked and leave the hall light on so I didn't have to tell anyone I was scared .
  6. I have collected all the original 151 Pokemon cards. Most of which I have in first edition. Because I was that on it as a kid. We would wait outside the game store on the day of releases to make sure we got them first. I remember Limit 2 boxes per customer. I Have all the foil cards and a few miss prints as well......I am a closet GEEK
  7. 1st ime I ever entered a rap battle I was 15.they put me up first against a fat ugly girl that rapped terrible (sounds mean). So my turn comes..problem was I felt bad dissing her can't battle rap and feel bad for people?! . I wanted to just say your fat ugly and can't rap. But for some reason I could not bring myself to say it...not 1 word
  8. All true no regrets ....:)