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    As Gina/Chelsea Perreti once said - I'm the human form of the 💯emoji. It's classic. It'll never go out of style. Like Taylor Swift's song "Style" and donuts.
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    I mean the taco emoji lobbyists have only been working on this for 5 years. Now a simple text of "🌮?" is all I need to send to my gal pals when I'm in the mood for marg(arita)s and a salacious round of chuck fuck or marry.
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    I've been using this a lot. I find it more physically accurate than the 😒. It's the more childlike and chiller version.
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    I use this to describe NC-17 activities I'm not fond of.
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    This is my new signature. It's like when Prince had that symbol. I use this to let people know I've received their emails/texts/whatsapp/baby shower invitations/bachelorette invitations/wedding invitations/celebration invitation/baptism invitations/death invitations/etc