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Apps I love or have been obsessed with
  1. Kiss Hero
    Swing on rope and rescue ladies!
  2. Llama Llama Spit Spit
    Shoot spit at enemies
  3. Pineapple Pen
    Shoot pens through moving fruit!!
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Pretty self explanatory
  1. The Used!
  2. Nichelle Nichols
  3. George Takei
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  1. Gotten pregnant
    I even got my tubes tied to make sure it NEVER happens
  2. Failed a class
    I was a pretty good student. And a really good cheater.
  3. Missed the school bus
    Can't miss what you never took!
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  1. Number of people who've jacked off to my pics (both those I know and don't)
  2. Number of people I've almost dated
  3. How many times I've evaded death
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Just pointless GIFs of myself
  1. Dog Lickin'
  2. Mustachio
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Just a few of the things I'm working on. This is an ongoing list.
  1. Learning to like myself
    Not even love. Just like. Spending six years in the living hell that is an eating disorder is something I'm still trying to crawl out of.
  2. Read more
    I love to read but I keep putting it off to watch or movies or the same YouTube videos over and over again
  3. Take better care of myself physically
    I don't change my insulin pump site as often as I should among many other things
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I'm making this list so I can come back and look at it when I'm upset. Maybe try a few things on it.
  1. Coffee ☕️
    Specifically a grande soy white mocha w/ 6 pumps toffee nut syrup no whip from Starbucks
  2. Nicknames
    My favourites are bunny 🐰, honeybee 🐝, and noodle 🍜
  3. Taking care of my small collection of plants
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Her name is Lexx. I met her on tinder. I'm so in love with her it's crazy. This list will only get longer as time goes by.
  1. She's stunning
    She's the most beautiful woman I've ever met and I was so nervous I almost didn't swipe right because I was afraid she wouldn't match with me
  2. She's up for fun lame dates
    Sitting at home and talking, spending time at Starbucks, bowling, etc
  3. She makes me feel good about myself
    She makes me feel special and beautiful
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It'll never happen but a girl can dream!
  1. Keep bees
    I love Sherlock Holmes and since learning he retires and becomes a bee keeper it seems so relaxing and fun
  2. Sell the organic honey from my bees at a farmers market
    Have my own stand every Saturday that me and my girlfriend will run
  3. Live in Portland Oregon
    I could live there anytime but it's where I'd like to retire too
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  1. Metal back scratcher
    Nothing fancy just one that you can push in to make smaller
  2. A Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad mini
    I'd like to be able to blog on it and a decent keyboard is only 20 bucks and it doubles as a case which I'm currently lacking
  3. A good sleep mask
    I sleep with the TV on because I like the sound but the light sometimes bothers me
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