Celebrities I've Met

Pretty self explanatory
  1. The Used!
  2. Nichelle Nichols
  3. George Takei
  4. William Shatner
  5. Cory Monteith & Naya Rivera
  6. Hayley Atwell
    That's my friend Abby on the left
  7. Sebastian Stan
    Again my friend Abby on the left
  8. Gerard Way &a Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance)
    I'm on the left my friend Megan is on the right
  9. Ray Toro (My Chemical Romance)
    Me then Megan
  10. Bob Bryar (My Chemical Romance)
    Me on the left and Megan on the right
  11. Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance)
    Shitty picture taken with a disposable camera but I'm happy with it. Again I'm on the left and Megan is the shadow on the right
  12. FALL OUT BOY!!
  13. Mindy Sterling
    Nicest woman I've ever met. She's a total queen!!
  14. Robert Englund
    Nicest GUY I've ever met! Really fun and personable.
  15. Jeremy Renner
    lol I look like I'm being held against my will but he was a really great dude
  16. Jason Isaacs