Never Have I Ever...

  1. Gotten pregnant
    I even got my tubes tied to make sure it NEVER happens
  2. Failed a class
    I was a pretty good student. And a really good cheater.
  3. Missed the school bus
    Can't miss what you never took!
  4. Taken a pregnancy test
    I'm a lesbian so that helps
  5. Been suspended from school
    Again good student. Mostly a good kid.
  6. Rode in a helicopter
    Though helicopter tours are a big thing where I live
  7. Caught the stove on fire
    I'm afraid of fire so I don't use the stove at all
  8. Graduated from college
    Three months shy when my health went to shit
  9. Snuck out of the house
    Never had too. My parent were cool and I never lied to them about that shit.
  10. Bought porn
    It's free. Like everywhere.
  11. Learned another language
    And I was in French for two years
  12. Been in a car accident
    Little fender bender but I don't count it. Also she hit me from behind.
  13. Had a three-some
    Not my bag
  14. Had an STD
    I play safe ya'll
  15. Got engaged
    Though I once came close. Way too close
  16. Broken a bone
  17. Ran a mile in less than 10 minutes
  18. Gotten my heart broken
    I thought so at the time but looking back… nope
  19. Showered with someone else
    Too cramped
  20. Kissed someone in the rain
    I'm just not outside that often
  21. Made fun of someone for being fat
    I have an eating disorder. That would be sick and twisted.
  22. Smoked a cigarette
    I have very severe asthma. Doesn't mean I haven't thought about it though
  23. Had sex in public
    Just… no
  24. Sexted
    I'd feel too stupid
  25. Learned to ride a bike
    They just freak me out
  26. Been in a relationship with someone married
  27. Flashed anyone
  28. Gone skinny dipping
    Seems too risky
  29. Gotten drunk by myself
  30. Made money performing on the street
  31. Jumped from a roof
    Not even a small one
  32. Been arrested!
    I've never done anything THAT bad
  33. Gone surfing
    I can't even ride a bike so…
  34. Had a surprise party thrown for me
    Which makes me a little sad
  35. Dined and dashed
    Dick. Move.
  36. Hitchhiked
    Danger Will Robinson! DANGER! DANGER!!
  37. Killed a man just to watch him die
  38. Had an official job
    I'm on disability so even though I want one I can't have one
  39. Thrown up on a roller coaster
  40. Had a physical fight with my best friend
    She's too sweet for that
  41. Chipped a tooth
  42. Had someone slap me across the face
  43. Gone hunting
    I'm a vegetarian
  44. Spent a night in the woods
    Yeah that's how horror movies start
  45. Worn glasses without lenses
    I need them lenses
  46. Bungee jumped
    I want too though!